Paul Caponigro -Dried Sunflower

Egon Schiele -Agony

*Mike Stilkey - Paintings on Salvaged Books*

'Since 2006, Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey has been painting dreamlike figures of people and animals on discarded library books. “Most libraries have thousands and thousands of books that they can throw away at any time,” Stilkey said. Books can’t be recycled due to binding glue, so he gives them “a second life”. His book-sculptures, the highest of which is 24ft tall and comprises 3,000 books, have been exhibited around the world. Painting on books adds an extra layer of meaning because of the objects’ history, he says: “I’m putting my story on someone else’s story, and the book itself has a story – where it’s been, who’s read it. It’s basically narrative on narrative”’

*Weekly Feature: A New Article*

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This week’s article is on the topic of my top 5 alternative London attractions.

It also features artwork by Jeremy Mann. Thank you.

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Gjertrud Hals -Here Now

Jeremy Mann -Manhattan Nights