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I've been feeling what existentialist would call "Angst". I have so many dreams to live, so many things to say and yet, every time a big wall of anxiety stop me and won't let me move forward. I don't know how to move on or which step should I make first. Sorry for the random comment/question(s) but I'm kinda freaked out. I'd love to hear(read) your opinion, thanks!

Dear Antonio,

To begin, there’s really no need to apologise; your question’s interesting, and it would be a great shame for me not to at least try – through my own idiosyncratic blend of pretentious and analytical ramblings – to water the seeds of your latent hope and optimism, in the (hopefully not) vain hope that they’ll bloom and illuminate the path to the ends that you most value. 

So, it ought to go without saying that my epistemic standing with respect to your particular situation, both in respect of your temperament and goals, is minor, at best. I don’t know what your ‘dreams’ are, what your message is, or what great fate you’ll attain in life. However, what I may utilize is empathy and past experience. From what I can gather, your problem is what may perhaps with the utmost clarity be expressed as a distinct lack of self-assurance. This may stem from, for example, uncertainty with regard to what you want out of life, or in the immediate, or with respect of how to attain these ends: ultimately, I can’t so much as formulate a rational or remotely justified belief on that front.

What can I advise, then? Well, despite the fact that it’s late, I’ve been studying all day, and I’m, quite frankly, drained, I can, thankfully (in light of the fact that you’ve read this much already), make two comments: (1) you’re a 22 year old, good looking dude, who strikes me as intellectually capable, and of a reflective disposition, so you’re starting a few steps ahead of many already. The world may not be the mirror of your freedom, nor are we all facilitated by faculties worthy of the greatest of free spirits, nor are we universally resolutely steadfast in the face of the Absurd (you seem to have a penchant for Existentialism, so there’s a little array of references for you), though it’s worthy of note that the vast majority of obstacles that many of us face are self-imposed, or at least self-fostered. Not all who face the night are conscious of the imminent daylight, my friend, and a horizon’s never far off. And, (2) speaking from experience, despite our vanity often pertaining to the contrary, not every problem demands the ascent of a mountain. Not every problem requires thorough, systematic, global-perspective-inducing reflection, but nor does every seed need sprout. Often simple words, and a simple suggestion are the medicine of a seemingly complex situation. In other words, as hypocritical as this is, strive not to over-think trivialities, and sometimes – just, sometimes – allow things to take their course, secure in the knowledge of your own capabilities to alter the course if things don’t seem to be headed where you’d desire them to.

You’ll be absolutely fine man, just keep doing what you’re doing.

- Tom x